Sensor Station

Vesica Piscis
warped trees obscuring the ever-changing path of the sun across the sky

We are a small Virginia-based studio practicing intentional, low-impact design in computing, agroecology, and existence.

Sensor Station is a digital studio rooted in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. We are a two-partner team with a collective foundation in formal design study. We enjoy exploring the fringes of computing and existence while living in union with nature. This site reflects our self-driven interests and explorations, but we also offer commercial services.


Matt's father, an engineer, introduced him to logic, reason, and physics at a young age. Learning the principles of good design made him understand how and why to invoke those disciplines for a higher purpose. He’s a self-taught software engineer with a degree in graphic design. He’s worked as a developer for startups, ad agencies, and gaming platforms developing highly custom software solutions and interactive 3D graphics. Today his passions lie in permacomputing, resourceful low-impact design, and intentional living.

Ruth’s interest in web development began at a young age, tinkering and learning in the prime days of Funky Chickens. That curiousity led her to a degree in graphic design where she’s worked for ad agencies, publishers, and marketing groups. Now her focus is on front-end web development, gardening and agroecology, and personally meaningful pursuits. She is passionate about agroecology and animal husbandry, food sovereignty and intentional living, is 500-hr CYT in Vinyasa and Ayurveda, and is a 2022 VCE Master Gardener.

man and woman operating a printing press