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Invoicing Utility

Slimvoice is software for generating invoices. It runs on your local computer, using plaintext files as input. For accounting purposes, it can be paired with Ledger to form a complete small-business accounting system. The source code is available, but for the time being it should be considered pre-release software.

2021-05-02_00001_Client1.txt ──┐
                               │  ┌─────────────┐
2021-05-18_00002_Client2.txt ──┤  │             │
                               ├─►│  Slimvoice  │
2021-05-29_00003_Client1.txt ──┤  │             │
                               │  └──────┬──────┘
                         ... ──┘         │
 payments.txt ──┐                    orders.txt
                │  ┌────────────┐        │
donations.txt ──┤  │            │        │
                ├─►│   Ledger   │◄───────┘
    taxes.txt ──┤  │            │
                │  └──────┬─────┘
          ... ──┘         │
                * * * * * * * * * * *
               *      S M A L L      *
               *   B U S I N E S S   *
               * A C C O U N T I N G *
               *    N I R V A N A    *
                * * * * * * * * * * *

Recipes for handling account organization, mileage, non-cash donations, and taxes are listed on our Wiki.

The source code and documentation for Slimvoice can be found here:


Slimvoice has gone through multiple visual iterations over the years, followed by subsequent code rewrites. Following web development trends to build a reputation and impress potential employers was a heavy motivator in the early days. Originally conceived in 2014, the first version was written in Angular and Node.js. In 2015 the second version was released, rebuilding the frontend in React. Weary of the web's insanity, we greatly simplified it in 2018, rebuilding the server in Go, with almost all functionality rendered on the server and a bare minimum of JavaScript in use. The resulting product was much simpler to build and maintain, and worked very well on low-end devices as it used far fewer resources.

The need for local ownership of our data and computation led us in 2021 to rethink how Slimvoice works. Instead of a web app in which your data is stored on a remote server, Slimvoice now runs and stores data on your local computer. The source code is available. While less convenient for some users in certain cases, this decision empowers users of Slimvoice to modify it to fit their needs, retain ownership and control of their data, and retain their privacy.

The web version is still online for the time being at