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We maintain a repository of information spanning our interests and projects, containing technical information and recipes, journals, thoughts, and anything else we believe is worth preserving and sharing. This wiki, among other things, is published solely via the Gemini protocol. Below is an index of all topics available on the Wiki.


Gemini is a lightweight internet protocol; it's like the web, but stripped back to its essence (no scripts, cookies, trackers, popups, or ads). To browse it, you'll need to install a Gemini browser on your device. Gemini Quickstart explains everything well.


If everyone mirrors Gemini content to HTTP, then no one has an incentive to download a Gemini browser and explore. By making our content only available via Gemini, we hope to nudge people in the direction of a more thoughtful and sustainable Internet experience.

Less is more. Constraints breed creativity. To quote Solderpunk, the creator of Gemini:

When you explore Geminispace, you can follow a link to a domain you've never heard of before and there is no matter of worry or trust regarding whether or not that transaction will violate your privacy, or gratuitously waste your bandwidth, or cause your laptop fan to spin up, or start playing music even though you're in a quiet room. You simply know that it won't happen. When all somebody can do to you is send you some text and some links you can choose to follow or not, you can let your guard down. You can cruise around Geminispace freely and fearlessly, reading anything that takes your fancy. This is tremendously psychologically liberating compared to surfing the web in a mainstream browser and hoping that a huge pile of plugins will protect you like they're supposed to and wondering which ones it might be safe to temporarily disable when a page you'd really like to read isn't rendering properly because of them. It's like riding a bike through a park instead of driving a main battle tank through a minefield while trying to stick to a very narrow and poorly marked safe corridor. Not only is the bike ride a more pleasant experience, the fact that you can easily build your own bike from scratch over a weekend, just the way you like it, even if you've never done that kind of thing before is tremendously empowering.